A Strategic Decision Algorithm


Healthcare systems in Europe have evolved dramatically over the last 10 years. Health Technology Assessment (HTA) agencies have flourished in every country, substantially increasing scrutiny of devices. Payers are garnering increasing power to the detriment of doctors. HTA, Quality-adjusted Life Year (QALY), Quality of Life (QoL), economic modeling, clinical and economic effectiveness reflect the new reality in which device companies operate.

Being based in Switzerland, ideally located in the heart of Europe, enables us to work in a multilingual and multicultural environment, and to understand the different healthcare systems in Europe.

MedC.Partners has developed a unique methodology, the MedMAP™ program, which allows companies to assess the reimbursement landscape in Europe and find out where a device will sell best. Our clients can focus their clinical trials, product launch and reimbursement process on markets that are favorable to their technology, and more rapidly meet their business objectives.

With the MedMAP™ program, MedC. Partners support medtech companies both at the strategic level and during implementation with authorities and payers.

For further information about us, visit our website: MedMAP.