Integrated Market Access Solutions


MedC. Partners provide a global solution to enter the market and develop business.


Clients can integrate Marketing, Regulatory and Reimbursement requirements as key elements of their business strategy.


MedC. Partners develop an exclusive approach which enables their clients to:


  • Take into account all the key factors from the first stages of  product development
  •  Accelerate access to the European market
  •  Determine the most suitable markets and identify distributors
  •  Generate faster and better financial returns


Work Approch


MedC. Partners favor pragmatic methods adapted to each business case

  • Evaluation of the current situation according to the MedC. Partners’ approach
  • Specific action plan in order to accelerate access to European markets, optimize penetration and save time to generate revenues
  • Assisting with the implementation of actions either as an external resource or by providing training and coaching to company members

MedC. Partners undertake to prioritize:

  • Flexibility and proximity with their clients
  • Full personal involvement

MedC. Partners integrate all requirements in their exclusive approach which addresses specific needs of the Medtech environment and stakeholders’ expectations:

  • Short product lifecycle (3-5 years)
  • Increasingly complex regulatory and reimbursement environment “Healthcare Authorities”
  • Growing power of “Healthcare Payers”
  • Increasing demand from Patients about their health and safety
  • High expectation from Users/Prescribers
  • Short term ROI from Investors



From stategies development to execution, integrating key elements of marketing, reimbursement and regulatory


Regulatory Affairs

  • Medical Device Regulation
  • Quality system certification
  • CE marking, FDA approval
  • Clinical Evaluation Report
  • Drug/Device combination
  • Borderline products



  • Reimbursement strategies in Europe using MedMAP™, a Market Access Programme developed by MedC Partners
  • Sales opportunities without reimbursement
  • Core Value dossiers
  • Reimbursement landscape in Europe
  • Reimbursement dossiers
  • Cost-effectiveness studies and economic modeling
  • Pricing


Business and strategic evaluation

  • Project assessment
  • business opportunity
  • Due diligence


Strategic and marketing consulting

  • Market research and surveys
  • Market potential and revenue forecasts
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Product positioning and pricing
  • Marketing and communication strategy
  • Business and marketing plan


Operational marketing and distribution

  • Market preparation and pre-launch
  • Product launch and promotion
  • Sales forces training
  • Distributor management