MedC. Partners thank their clients for their confidence and their long lasting relationship. They are located in Europe and North America and have multiple profiles.


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MedC.Partners cover a large spectrum of specialties and in particular: conventional and laparoscopic general surgery, cardiac surgery and MICS, interventional cardiology and neurology, urology and gynecology, diagnostic, sport and aesthetic medicine with a specific experience in single use, implantable and energy-based devices.



  • Elaboration of an optimized reimbursement strategy for medical devices in Europe
  • Reimbursement landscape based on MedMAP™, a Market Access programme developed by MedC Partners
  • Reimbursement: Strategy, filing, submission, negotiations
  • Health economics: economic story preparation (value for health), modelling, cost- effectiveness study
  • Value pricing: Optimization of price within the healthcare environment
  • Clinical: Clinical assessment for coherence with reimbursement strategy
  • Face-to-face meetings with experts: authorities, payers
  • Interviews with healthcare stakeholders: patients, doctors, payers


Business and strategic evaluation

  • Evaluation of new projects in the medical business and extrapolation of the current tendencies in future market opportunities
  • Analyzing of new business opportunities and current work on establishing a spin off company based on new indications of the core technology
  • • Preparation of enhancement a Business Plan in order to submit it to a Venture contest
  • Business opportunity analysis for a urinary bulking agent
  • Development of a pre-market analysis for the European breast cancer detection market including the regulatory and reimbursement approach
  • Introduction to investors


Operational marketing and distribution

  • Marketing: Marketing plan, market assessment, positioning, customer profiling
  • Business: Business plan, project assessment, due diligence, market survey
  • Optimization of medical device strategy for pharmaceutical industry


Strategic and marketing consulting

  • Search and optimization of distribution in France
  • Strategic coaching
  • Elaboration of an optimized strategy to distribute a disposable medical device in Europe
  • Marketing tools development, brochures, product manual, events management
  • Development of marketing and communication strategy


Regulatory Affairs

  • Borderline drug/device status
  • Combination products (device with ancillary substance)
  • Technical and strategic consulting on process of sterilization process
  • Technical and strategic consulting on implantable device development and analyzing of Europe/USA normative framework
  • Operational consulting on quality assurance system for development, manufacturing and marketing of a implantable medical device
  • Construction of CE marking dossiers
  • Qualification (evaluation) of a subcontractor
  • Contribution to the implementation of required actions for the elaboration of a system of quality assurance system and construction of a technical dossier
  • Construction of a technical and marketing dossier for a medical device allowing the valorization on a medical device offer to pharmaceutical laboratory
  • Modification of manufacturing conditions of a medical device. Regulatory impact